Thank you for your support!

Hello once again friends. We made it!! Now come ride with us in Napa in September!

Team WeFightMS.com, successfully and safely finished the 2006 MS150 in Texas. "The Rolling Circus" never failed to amuse itself and others on the roads between Houston and Austin, and crossing the finish line 20-strong alongside Daderoo at the State Capitol building was an unforgettable mixture of relief, triumph, and inspiration. Click here for photos!

2006 is a big year for us, as the WeFightMS.com team has raised over $21,000 for the National MS Society! Your support and generosity are so incredible, year after year, and we cannot thank you enough for supporting us, the cause, and a movement which we truly feel is making a difference in the fight against multiple sclerosis.

With the Texas ride behind us, team WeFightMS.com has big ideas and exciting announcements. The MS150 is coming to California and we want YOU to ride it with us! Closer to home, Waves to Wine is the Bay Area's MS150, a 2-day trip through vineyards and along the Pacific Coast. On September 9-10, we want you to join the rolling circus, the best way to support this awesome cause:

We've talked to a great many people who are pumped to ride with us in September for 150 of the most beautiful miles you can ride. With you on the WeFightMS.com team, we can play a truly significant role in the fight against MS. Also, and we know from experience, the more people you ride alongside, the bigger the laughs, and the merrier the miles. Let us know if you want to ride Waves to Wine! You know you do!

On behalf of everyone currently fighting MS, we thank you again so much for your support for the TX ride we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your donations, kind words and inspiration. Thanks again, from the entire rolling circus!

P.S. A special thanks to TRANSVIDEO STUDIOS for making these videos possible.

WeFightMS.com ROSTER (TX)

Dunagan Pearson
Meg Pearson
Phil Pearson
Rico Andrade
Aden Bliss
Danny Kramer
Rahul Young
Sarah Bliss
Mandy Liebscher
Lizzy Esfahani
Tom Goff
Kim Cahill
Gretchen Anderson
Mark Burton
Maggie Dietrich
Cabe Nicksic
Tyler Christensen
Andy Phillips
Janet Wang

and, of course,

Daderoo and Mamacita


2006 Videos:

*NEW* The Rolling Circus *NEW*

*NEW* Hope is a Good Thing *NEW*

*NEW* Impromptu Karaoke *NEW*

Brokebike Mountain

Sunscreen Dance gets Ready

The Bike Whisperer

The Bike Breeder

Brokebike Mountain in German




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Astros vs. Cubs, August 20, 2004

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Getting to Houston
April 2005

Rico Survives a Fall
April 2005

Why Do We Ride?
April 2005

Nepali MS150 1
January 2005

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January 2005

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2004 Finish - Our Favorite Video

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